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Calla, Captain Morelli ®

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Calla, Captain Morelli ®
Productcode: 258017S


size plantdens
length production
per tuber
14-16 22 40-65cm 2-4
16-18 18
45-70cm 3-5
18-20 15
50-75cm 4-7
20-22 13
50-75cm 5-8

Group Group of origine Calla
Name Name of the cultivar Captain Morelli ®
Color Color of the flower Yellow
Suitable for pot cultivation Suitable to grow in container +
Cutflowering Suitable for cutflower +
Days Glasshouse Nr of days in glasshouse 70
Dark inside The inside of the flower +
Shape Shape of the flower round
Size of the flower Size of the flower medium
VBN Code Cutflower Code of the cultivar if cutflower 108425